Refugium of P'kun:

This is a canyon through one of the steppes of P'kun, a dry and hot refugium. Canyons like this are often used as transportation routes, but are also popular ambush sites for nefarious muggers.

In the extremely rare but sometimes very heavy rainy days of P'kun, the otherwise easily navigable gorges turn into deadly torrents. So it is hardly surprising that rainy days in P'kun, although rare, are feared by travelers and merchands.

Refugium of Unomanra:

The Gates of Kchtan.

Refugium of Mananra:

The wispering forest of the Refugium of Mananra.

Environment/Architecture of different Refugia

Baz Sudal

Baz Anai

A Ruin of the Ahora civilisation in the refugium of Hall Ra


P'kun Architecture:

The basic of P'kun architecture:

A sketch and 3D concept of the Tower of P'kun. The power center of the refugium of P'kun and thus one of the most important political locations in all of Eplin.
The Tower is located in New Mananra Town. Capital of P'kun and Headquarter of the U.P.U.T.L.

Uki Architecture:

This building is only the entrance area of a building of the Uki and at the same time the largest known building complex, called Ukin. It is not possible for all living races of Eplin to enter the complex. Why this eons-old complex was built in the middle of the icy desert of Eplin, or what purpose it still serves, is not clear.