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Eplin, a world between deadly cold and thriving life

Arcpunk is a xenofictional world-building / "DnD" (ttrpg) project that combines different genres. Elements from steampunk, dieselpunk, Sci Fi, fantasy and speculative biology, combine to form a wonderful cosmos centered on the planet Eplin.

Eplin is a world of extremes, it appears to offer little room for life, but that is deceptive. Scattered across the planet exist countless - more or less - small oases of life, called Refugia. These not only provide a habitat for millions of different strange life forms, but also for many cultures, characters, as well as their stories.

And all of this comes together in a cosmos that the people of Eplin refer to as "Hadahat", the great dream of Gotikodohaleto, the "Thinker".