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The Bakomi is an extremely skilled hunter. Due to its size, it is also considered the greatest danger within the forests of Mananra. However, since it is very colorful, it is easy to discover for the humanoid inhabitants of the Refuge from afar. Only at night and for its color-blind prey, it is difficult to spot in the dense forests.

The Mananran Red Fulla lives in the dense cloud forests of Mananra.

Like almost all species of the Sogogo Patokiu family, they have an unusually active metabolism for their order, which is reflected in a very lively lifestyle. Although they are still rather sluggish compared to the advanced Species of Eplin, they can reach top speeds in the double-digit km/h range. Their sheer size of up to six meters in height meant that they were and are often depicted in myths as ferocious beasts. This is also the reason why they are already extinct in many places and only occur in the remote cloud forests of mananra.

Like all fulla, the red fulla of mananra have a large bulge on their backs. This translucent bulge, filled with a fine spongy tissue, is used for photosynthesis, for which red fullas use the dye phycoerythrobilin.

Fullas are largely solitary, but have no fixed territories and are relatively sedentary. As with all bakamh tabaka, their fertilization takes place without copulation. Male Fulla leave packets of seeds which are ingested by female Fulla.

Like all Sogogo Patokiu, fulla feed on photosynthesis, the filtering of soil and water, on the one hand, and on the other hand by digesting other organisms. Fulla do not hunt.